Pupils at a Helensburgh Primary school “thoroughly enjoyed” a week of learning about different cultures around the globe.

Hermitage Primary pupils discovered all about a variety of countries and languages for Language Week Scotland which ran from Monday, January 29 to Friday, February 2.

Children participated in many fun activities including researching and presenting the impact global warming is having on the country their class focused on, listening to and watching short stories and fairy tales in the county’s native language, and learning and performing a traditional dance.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Primary 1Primary 1 (Image: Hermitage Primary)

Teacher Kirsty Todd said: “Throughout the week the children engaged in a range of exciting cross-curricular experiences based around their country and language.

“In Primary 7, Mrs Guthrie taught the pupils about the impact of fast fashion on the environment as China is the biggest producer of clothes in the world as well as touching on the treatment of workers.

“This was something the pupils found particularly interesting as many of them were very familiar with the focused brands.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Primary 3Primary 3 (Image: Hermitage Primary)

“I also reached out to our wider school community to invite parents, carers, and relatives with English as a second language to come in and share their native language and culture with the pupils.

“We were extremely fortunate to host speakers from different backgrounds including French, Gaelic, Portuguese, and Chinese.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the presentations and getting the opportunity to deepen their understanding during a question time session.

“Overall, the week was a great success and the children loved learning about a new country, culture, and language.”

Helensburgh Advertiser: Primary 6Primary 6 (Image: Hermitage Academy)

Each year focused on a different country with primary 1 learning about Scotland, primary 2 focusing on Germany, primary 3 learning about Italy, primary 4 learning about Peru, primary 5 focusing on Brazil, primary 6 learning about Japan, and primary 7 focusing on China.

Families were also encouraged to get involved in the language celebrations at home with families working together and choosing an activity to get involved in.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Primary 7Primary 7 (Image: Hermitage Primary)

Ms Todd added: “One of the popular choices was the Creative Kitchen Challenge where pupils had to research and make a dish from a country of their choice.

“In my class (Primary 3), many pupils loved making their own pizzas at home as well as trying out some tongue twisters in Italian.”

Helensburgh Advertiser: The speakersThe speakers (Image: Herimtage Primary)

At the end of the week pupils were encouraged to bake a sweet treat from their native country or a country of their choice and bring it in to share with the rest of the school for the ‘Heritage Tuck Shop’.

Pupils also showcased what they had learned during the week at a whole school assembly.