A TEENAGE sex attacker was caught on camera raping a girl in a Helensburgh street.

Matthew Mundie preyed on the young victim on April 4, 2022.

A shocked passer-by found the now 19 year-old having sex on the pavement with the girl - an underage teenager who had also been drinking that day.

Prosecutor Eilidh Robertson told the High Court in Glasgow that the witness flagged down a police car, which turned out to be occupied by Ministry of Defence officers.

Mundie was eventually arrested - and is now behind bars awaiting sentence for the crime.

Miss Robertson added: "He denied having sex or even having kissed the girl."

The victim meantime had no recollection of what occurred.

But, it emerged what happened had been filmed on mobile phones by others and shared locally.

Judge Scott Pattison was shown the footage by Miss Robertson.

The court heard the recording had a "devastating effect" on the girl, who was left "upset and embarrassed".

Mundie was charged and later bailed by a sheriff on May 26, 2022.

But, on September 26 of that year, he flouted the terms of the bail order by contacting the girl and later having sex with her near a primary school in Helensburgh.

The girl's teacher went on to learn what had happened and police were alerted.

Mundie, formerly of Helensburgh, pleaded guilty in court to a single charge of rape and two charges of having sex with an older child.

Edith Forrest, defending, said her client had since moved to Newcastle and had been working in a local supermarket there.

The advocate added: "I do make a motion to continue bail. He is acutely aware that a custodial sentence will be at the forefront of the court's mind."

Judge Pattison deferred sentencing for reports until later this month.

He told Mundie: "Due to the gravity of the offending, you will now be remanded in custody."