A RALLY to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine will be held in Helensburgh.

Anna Tkachenko fled Ukraine with her husband, three children and mum in April 2022 after Russia invaded the country, becoming the largest attack on a European country since World War II.

The family of five settled in with a family in Cardross while Anna's mum moved in with a family in Helensburgh. They have all felt welcomed by the local community.

However, she is now organising the meeting in the town centre to mark the two years since the invasion.

She told the Advertiser: "It is my first experience of organising an event like this, but I feel it is an important issue to highlight. 

"For two years now, innocent people have been dying every day in Ukraine. We have lost family, friends and loved ones because of this.

"We are hoping to get microphones so we can have people speak about their experiences. We must speak about those cities that have been affected by this war.

"The people of Helensburgh have supported my family and I am hoping that as many people as possible can join me in marking this occasion."

The event will take place at Colquhoun Square on Saturday, February 24, at 12pm.