A CLUMSY dog set off a fire extinguisher in a busy Argyll and Bute pub at the weekend.

The hilarious CCTV footage, which has been shared on Twitter,  initially shows the dog tied up to an extinguisher mounted on the wall.

But chaos soon struck when the furry animal leaps on its owner with excitement - setting off the extinguisher and filling the bar with white foam.

The pub-goers can be seen trying to clear the smoke after it filled the room on Saturday night at the Aulay Bar in Oban.



The footage shows some people having to cover their mouths to avoid inhaling the substance and a man returning to his pint at the bar immediately following the chaos.

Narrating the funny clip, a man can be heard exclaiming: "It's gone f***ing everywhere."

Another replies: "Aye well at least it's no (sic) against Derek", to which the other says: “It's just an accident."

The other agrees: “It is, it's a stupid f***ing thing to do."