Pet owners in Helensburgh have been sharing some fantastic photos of their perfect pets to mark National Love Your Pet Day.

The annual celebration of the UK's favourite furry friends took place on Tuesday, February 20 - and to mark the occasion we asked our readers to share their top snaps of their faithful companions.

With 144 submissions, there were so many cute pets to see! Here are just some of our personal favourites...

Helensburgh Advertiser: Laura J Fraser's kitten BellaLaura J Fraser's kitten Bella (Image: Laura J Fraser)Helensburgh Advertiser: Chris Taff Thomas' puppy AshaChris Taff Thomas' puppy Asha (Image: Chris Taff Thomas)Helensburgh Advertiser: Maggie Jane Bauld's stoat LeoMaggie Jane Bauld's stoat Leo (Image: Maggie Jane Bauld)Helensburgh Advertiser: Steve Mark Slater's cats Islay and SkyeSteve Mark Slater's cats Islay and Skye (Image: Steve Mark Slater)Helensburgh Advertiser: Elaine Ellis' dog BluElaine Ellis' dog Blu (Image: Elaine Ellis)Helensburgh Advertiser: Alison Hamilton's cat ColinAlison Hamilton's cat Colin (Image: Alison Hamilton)Helensburgh Advertiser: Angela Urquhart's dog HoneyAngela Urquhart's dog Honey (Image: Angela Urquhart)Helensburgh Advertiser: Gordon Russell's guinea pig MarshmallowGordon Russell's guinea pig Marshmallow (Image: Gordon Russell)Helensburgh Advertiser: Mitchell Hamilton and his pupMitchell Hamilton and his pup (Image: Mitchell Hamilton)Helensburgh Advertiser: Cherry Louise Rivett-Delahunt's pup ArnoldCherry Louise Rivett-Delahunt's pup Arnold (Image: Cherry Louise Rivett-Delahunt)Helensburgh Advertiser: Moira Macleod's horses Monty and BoyMoira Macleod's horses Monty and Boy (Image: Moira MacLeod)Helensburgh Advertiser: Anne Morrison's dog BaxterAnne Morrison's dog Baxter (Image: Anne Morrison)Helensburgh Advertiser: Rosemary Foy's dog LunaRosemary Foy's dog Luna (Image: Rosemary Foy)Helensburgh Advertiser: Jacky Caw's cat KylaJacky Caw's cat Kyla (Image: Jacky Caw)Helensburgh Advertiser: Jenny Wainwright's cats Rocket and IndieJenny Wainwright's cats Rocket and Indie (Image: Jenny Wainwright)Helensburgh Advertiser: Karen Randall's pet birdKaren Randall's pet bird (Image: Karen Randall)Helensburgh Advertiser: Claire Mitchell's cats, mother and daughter Skedaddle and EmblaClaire Mitchell's cats, mother and daughter Skedaddle and Embla (Image: Claire Mitchell)Helensburgh Advertiser: Gordon Mackie's dog MaxGordon Mackie's dog Max (Image: Gordon Mackie)Helensburgh Advertiser: Keira Hall-Meskell's catKeira Hall-Meskell's cat (Image: Keira Hall Meskell)Helensburgh Advertiser: Tamara Chamberlain's cat and dog Fluffy and DaisyTamara Chamberlain's cat and dog Fluffy and Daisy (Image: Tamara Chamberlain)