There are no plans to address repeated flooding risk along the rail line into Helensburgh, the Advertiser can reveal.

In recent months, both Craigendoran and Bowling to the east have been hit by flooding and both sections are at risk from rising sea levels.

But when questioned by the Advertiser, Network Rail said they had no plans for flood mitigation work at either station and would not comment unless there were.

A spokesperson acknowledged "we’ve obviously had various named storms this winter, which have brought extreme amounts of rain, high winds etc. We’ve had to close lines/impose speed restrictions on certain lines, across Scotland including through Craigendoran and Bowling at certain times".

But when asked about any long-term plans for resiliency to climate change and its impact on area rail lines, they sent the plan for 2019-2024 for Scotland's Railway.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The rail line near Craigendoran station is vulnerable to floodingThe rail line near Craigendoran station is vulnerable to flooding (Image: Network Rail)

It acknowledges the rail network is "sensitive" to the effects of a different weather. UK rails have been hit by snow, high winds, flooding and even sunshine and heat in recent years.

During torrential rain in October, Bowling station was pictured with water at platform height. And Craigendoran, at one of the closest points to the Clyde, has been impacted by heavy rainfall and is identified as at risk from rising sea levels.

Brendan O'Hara MP told the Advertiser: "Unfortunately periods of torrential and consistent rainfall - those things we used to call freak weather events - are becoming all too commonplace, and we are all having to adapt how we live in order to accommodate them.

"All over Argyll and Bute, from landslips on the Rest And Be Thankful, to the increasingly common incidents of flooding of places like Craigendoran Station, our daily routines are being disrupted by a changing climate.

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"I know that the almost unprecedented levels of rainfall seen over recent months has caused major disruption and damage to our transport network, with Craigendoran Station being particularly badly affected and I know how important that vital Helensburgh-to-Edinburgh line is for so many people in our community who rely on it for getting to work, college or university.

"I have already written to the chief executive of Network Rail asking for a meeting to discuss how we protect it from future weather related damage, and to do all we can to lessen the impact of these events for the people and businesses in the town.”

Transport Scotland have been contacted for comment.