A Helensburgh theatre group has put out an urgent appeal to any local business owners who can donate storage space.

The Helensburgh Savoy Musical Theatre Group are looking for anyone who can give them a room – or rooms – for no cost to hold their props and costumes, as they have outgrown the space they currently use.

Those who can give them the use of space will be rewarded with free promotion in the group's publicity materials.

Secretary Pauline Forrest said: “If anyone knows of a suitable space we would love to hear from you ASAP.

“We would be particularly grateful if there is somewhere that could be offered to us without a rental fee as we do not have the funds to pay rental storage.

“If a business happens to have a suitable space they are not using, it would be great if they felt they could help us.

“In return they would receive free advertising in our show programmes and complimentary tickets to our productions.”

The group needs an easily accessible room, which is dry and has lighting, and can accommodate six or seven clothes rails, about 20 stackable plastic boxes, a few items of furniture, several large sheets of hardboard, wood offcuts and sundry items.

The space should be around 18-20 square metres and needs to have easy access for carrying larger items in and out.

The ability for the group to access the storage area outside of office hours would be an advantage.

Interested parties can contact the group at helensburghsavoy@gmail.com.