Police are cracking down on motorcycles "riding recklessly" in Helensburgh and Rhu - including near schools.

Officers last week said on social media that they stopped a driver who was caught driving poorly, without a helmet or insurance near a Helensburgh primary.

And they seized the scrambler-style bike and charged the rider with various alleged road traffic offences.

Inspector Bart Simonis, at Helensburgh police office, told the Advertiser: "Road safety has been identified by our local communities as a policing priority and as such we have to ensure that we have a robust plan in place to improve the behaviour on our road networks both on main trunk roads and within our communities.

Helensburgh Advertiser:

"We have our specialist roads policing officers who are based within Dumbarton who regularly support local policing in Helensburgh by targeting and positively engaging road users.

"We have various ways in which we promote road safety and improve driver behaviour. This includes direct action, targeting drivers who continue to ignore road traffic legislation and by consequence put others at risk.

"We also maximise our social media footprint by posting road safety advice and guidance and we host various multi agency led road safety events along with a host of road safety specialists.

"Our next event will take place on April 21 within the grounds of Hermitage Academy. It is a free event and everyone is welcome."

Writing on Facebook last week and sharing an image of the seized bike, Police Scotland wrote: "After recent reports of scrambler style motorcycles riding recklessly in Helensburgh and neighbouring Rhu we have been keen to identify those individuals to make sure they are fully aware of their responsibilities and are keeping themselves safe and legal.

"Today, following another report, local officers stopped a rider, near to a local primary school in Helensburgh riding in a reckless manner without a helmet or valid insurance.

"The bike has now been seized and the rider charged with various road traffic offences.

"Tackling road deaths in Argyll remains a priority and we will continue to enforce and educate those individuals who drive or ride without due care or attention and who continue to put themselves and others at risk."