Homes in Rosneath are being given energy efficient improvements to help reduce tenants' bills.

The Procast Group has started work on the £2.4 million project with Dunbritton Housing Association to bring 36 properties in the village up to standard through retrofitting.

The initiative is half funded by Dunbritton Housing Association, with the other £1.2m coming from Procast Group.

Work is expected to be complete within three months.

Procast owner and managing director, Derek Innes, said: “We have been working with Dunbritton Housing Association for more than a year in an effort to get this project off the ground and, thanks to their support and the funding, we have managed to secure a deal.

“This is our first project with them, and we are excited to see what the partnership can achieve.

“The positive effect this project will have on the tenants of these 36 homes is massive, and the energy efficiencies it will drive forward is significant.

“It is something we are incredibly proud to be leading the way within Scotland and the North of England.”

Working in partnership with Dunbritton Housing Association, PfH Scotland, Framed Estates Architects and Structherm, the project, which will follow Procurement for Housing [PfH] Scotland frameworks, aims to have a positive impact on living conditions for tenants as well as help reduce energy bills.

It will see the properties fitted with an external wall insulation [EWI] system, triple-glazed doors and windows, new insulation, mechanical ventilation, air source heat pumps and photovoltaic [PV] panels.

Dunbritton’s asset manager Paul Sweeney said: “The association is delighted to announce the retrofit project to 36 of our properties in the Rosneath area.

“We have worked hard to find a solution to bring these properties up to the EESSH (Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing) standard.

“We are confident that this project will provide our tenants with warmer, greener and more energy efficient homes.”