A STUNT cyclist with a global following says it's "amazing" to see Helensburgh's skate park make a return to the town's seafront after nearly three years away.

Work began on Monday on installing a temporary area for skaters, BMX riders and scooter users next to the Helensburgh Leisure Centre car park. 

And it's hoped the new facility will be available for use this weekend.

The previous facility was removed when demolition work began on the old Helensburgh Swimming Pool building after the leisure centre's completion in 2021.

But after being left in storage it was discovered that the ramps were no longer suitable for re-use.

Helensburgh BMX star Kriss Kyle, whose stunts for Red Bull have been seen more than 30 million times, was already down at the waterfront to see Unit 23 of Dumbarton installing the new ramps.

He was an emphatic supporter of the skate park returning to the waterfront last year.

Kriss said: "It's so good to see. It's amazing to have that back, especially with the summer coming.

"It will attract hundreds of kids. Helensburgh has missed not having the skate park there. I think it will bring back a great community of kids and get more people involved.

"It's going to build a really good scene in Helensburgh - it's a perfect location. I cannot wait to try it."


After bad weather hit the first day of installation work on Monday, fingers are now crossed that the new ramps will be available for use this weekend.

Jackie Hood, of Helensburgh Skatepark Project, told the Advertiser: "The weather on Monday probably cost half a day of build time.  

"The Gatorskins top layers will be fitted Wednesday onwards so the park should be rideable by this coming weekend. Hurrah!"

Helensburgh Advertiser:

Council officials are desperate to sell the empty land off West Clyde Street to a commercial bidder.

But a condition of planning approval for the leisure centre required the skate park to be put back.

And Argyll and Bute Council said a skate park had to be included as part of commercial bids for the waterfront.

Two bids have been shortlisted for the waterfront development site next to the temporary ramps, but it's not yet known - publicly at least - if either includes provision for a permanent skate park on the site.

A skate park was part of proposals from Helensburgh Community Council (HCC), whose bid for the site made it on to a 'long list' at the end of last year, but HCC said last month that it suspected its bid had not made it onto the final shortlist.

Helensburgh and Lomond councillors approved a recommendation from officials in December that Kidston Park should be pursued as the preferred site for a permanent skate park, with Hermitage Park as a back-up.

HCC has been vocal in its support of the skate park, and it had been hoped ramps would be in place a year ago.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The old ramps, after years in storage, were not suitable to be used again. Despite visions for a more diverse and enhanced park, council officials insisted it had to be exactly as before.

Unit 23 in Dumbarton has been building new ramps for the site and started installing them on Monday.

Helensburgh Advertiser:

Jackie said it was a "huge sense of relief that the equipment has finally been reinstated".

She said: "I always said I would only believe it would actually happen once the first batten of wood was down.

"I'm grateful that the council listened to our concerns about the quality of what was there before and contracted Unit 23 and Monolith to design, build and install the ramps.

"We are still disappointed about the restrictions on size, and the unknown timescale of the temporary park.

"It is a missed opportunity to have a flagship attraction for Helensburgh right in the centre of the town, rather than just reinstall what was there before.

"But I'm excited that there will now be a community park for our local youngsters.

"They deserve this and have waited patiently for the council to deliver what they promised.

"The whole local wheeled sports community is looking forward to a long summer of riding."

A skate park fund-raiser will be held at Unit 23 on May 18.

It will feature three new local bands, with doors open from 8pm and a £10 suggested donation on entry. The first act will be from 8.30pm and all ages are welcome.