Hannah Rankin has announced she's stepping into the world of boxing management after losing her latest fight.

The Luss boxer lost against European title challenger Naomi Mannes in a controversial split decision for the World Boxing Association (WBA) continental super welterweight belt in Liverpool on Friday.  

And while the Hermitage Academy pupil hasn't made any firm commitment as far as her future in the ring is concerned, she did hint at what might lie ahead in a social media post after the bout.

The 33-year-old, who announced earlier this year that she'd be part of the commentary team for the boxing competitions at the Olympics in Paris this summer, said on X (formerly Twitter): "If that’s the end, it’s been one hell of a ride."

Mannes had stepped up in a late switch to the programme, which was originally due to see Rankin take on Tanzania’s Grace Mwakamele.

Rankin went into the fight with considerably more experience than Mannes, who made only her tenth professional appearance, but the German was in no way intimidated by the former world champion.

Mannes was awarded the win by a split decision - the eighth loss of Rankin's professional career.

The judges' scorecards read 77-76 to Rankin and 77-75 and 79-74 to Mannes.

Before the fight Rankin told the Advertiser she was determined to bounce back after losing out to Eva Kozin for the WBC and WBO world titles in Manchester last November.

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Friday's loss was Rankin's second successive split-decision defeat.

In a statement shared online, she said: "Congratulations to Naomi Mannes and thanks to the massive support from Scotland, sponsors and supporters.

"21 pro fights, two world titles, boxed all over the world. If that’s the end, it’s been one hell of a ride.

"I’m going to take a break, see you all on comms at the Olympics."

In a further social media post on April 30, Rankin announced her entry into boxing management - by taking none other than her conqueror in November under her wing.

Kozin, 25, is already a world champion in two weight classes, and will train with Team Rankin and Block One Sports in a bid to become the undisputed world champion.

Rankin said: "Let's shake things up a bit. I think it’s about time I got officially involved in the management side.

"Pleased to announce unified 154lb champion Ema Kozin will now be managed by Team Rankin alongside Block One Sports as we guide her to undisputed.

"Welcome to the team!"