A charity is calling on Helensburgh and Lomond workplace teams to get walking at work to improve their mental and physical health.

The Paths for All Walk at Work Award celebrates employers across Scotland who help to promote everyday walking in their workplace and create a healthier workforce.

The award also promotes wellbeing and a green environment in the workplace.

Scheme user Brenda Tait said: “I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Walk at Work Award.

“I gained a great deal, connecting with new employees whilst out walking, giving something back by participating in a local beach clean, slowing down just a little to take notice of our beautiful surroundings.

“[I enjoyed] keeping active throughout the day and banishing the mid-afternoon slump and learning little things about each other and about some of the walks we undertook.

“It was a great feel-good healthy initiative to be part of and I’m sure I lost a pound or two along the way as well.”

The call to get more workspaces involved in the award comes during National Walking Month which takes place throughout May.

Paths for All aims to support Scots to walk, wheel, scoot, or cycle every day to create a healthier and greener Scotland.

CEO of Paths for All Kevin Lafferty said: “Walking a little more each day has proven benefits to mental and physical health, which is why it’s important that we recognise the workplaces who have received the Walk at Work Award.

“The Walk at Work Award is an important scheme, which can benefit businesses across the country to not only get fitter but also help to improve the environment.

“By choosing to walk for short trips instead of driving, an individual is improving their health while also reducing air pollution and emissions that are damaging the planet.”

Paths for All provides a free Workplace Walking online course and Step Count Challenges.

The national spring Step Count Challenge, run by Paths for All, kicked off on Monday, April 29 with over 800 teams taking part.

For more information about the Walk at Work Award, visit: www.pathsforall.org.uk/walk-at-work-award.

For more information about Paths for All, visit: www.pathsforall.org.uk.