Welcome to my semi-regular column again as one of your local councillors.

There has been ongoing discussion regarding speeding along Cardross Road (A814) leading into Helensburgh.

The addition of new residential properties has exacerbated the long-standing concerns of speeding, adding complexity to the situation.

My immediate concern, of course, is the proximity of Hermitage Academy, which increases the need for comprehensive road safety measures around the drop from 40 to 30.

I'd like to propose that we look at installing average speed cameras along this stretch of road.

A similar strategy was implemented in Cardross, yielding definite reductions in speeding. While not necessarily a universally popular suggestion, I think we need to seriously look at it, as otherwise incidents are inevitable and it risks becoming an accident blackspot.

Shifting focus, recent reports in the BBC have highlighted the sale of disposable vapes to individuals under the age of 18 — an unlawful practice. Notably, they said that one in five shops they tried in Scotland were willing to sell to under-18s. This is a criminal offence, but one that is clearly ocurring on a daily basis across the country.

Readers may recall that I had seconded the motion by the administration's Councillor Mooreland, which resulted in a letter from the entire council being sent to the Scottish Government calling on them to ban disposable vapes.

Similar letters were sent by 14 other local authorities asking for a ban on health, child welfare and environmental basis. The government have responded saying they are considering this, which I warmly welcome.

I am now doubly concerned after reading the BBC report, given that we just don't know what the long-term impact of these devices is - I fear in years to come we will see multiple health conditions arising from use of them, which will only be worse if they're being used by young people, whose lungs are not even fully grown. We must do more to stem the rising tide.

As always, any residents with concerns about any of these topics or other issues can always reach me at math.campbell-sturgess@argyll-bute.gov.uk and I am always happy to visit constituents who wish to meet in person.