THESE are the issues getting under our readers' skin today:

Divisive party

Could not disagree more with Nicola Sturgeon – in particular, the years that she and her party have been running Scotland’s affairs.

They have the worst emergency services record, the worst NHS record, food banks have risen along with poverty, her own constituency is one of the most rundown and impoverished in the UK.

That party has caused more division in Scotland than the Tories, with their totally anti-British rhetoric and independence browbeating.

I have heard that woman say Scotland is a multicultural, diverse and welcoming place –but not if you’re English or favourable to Westminster, the home of British Government.

I heard Blackford say to our Prime Minister that every time she speaks of Scotland support for independence grows.

Only in the minority minds of the nationalist.

Scotland was a far better place before they took over the reins and will only flourish again when they are gone.

H McKean, via email

Goodbye to Labour

I watched the Panorama programme about antisemitic behaviour of some Labour members and Jeremy Corbyn’s response to them.

I am now convinced Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to be prime minister – the people he has associated with and shared a platform with should be a warning to all decent Labour voters.

As long as he is leader then, after a lifetime of voting Labour, I am sad to say – goodbye.

Jim Tees, Glasgow

Green space mystery

Glasgow once held it’s head high with its dear green spaces. Now they are no more than overgrown eyesores.

Has the council given up on them, like many other services that are being cut back or closed?

Glasgow residents pay one of the highest council taxes in Scotland, so where does it go?

J T Glasgow