Irn-Bru have 'CANCELLED' Oasis legend Noel Gallagher after the singer took another pop at Lewis Capaldi in the pairs bizarre rivalry.

The fizzy drink giants weighed in on the argument after Gallagher declared Scotland a "third world country" as his back-and-forth with Capaldi, 22, continues to escalate.

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The High Flying Birds star, whose wife Sara MacDonald is from Edinburgh, made the comments in an interview with Variety magazine.

In response, simply posting on their official social media page, Irn-Bru wrote: "Noel Gallagher is cancelled".

It comes after Gallagher was previously asked a radio interview: "Who's this Capaldi fella? Who the f*** is that idiot?"

Capaldi playfully hit back, wearing a parka on stage at Glastonbury before unveiling a T-shirt with Noel's face on it encased in a love heart.

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But the latest jibe from Gallagher - where he slaughtered Capaldi as Chewbacca and urged him to enjoy his "15 minutes of fame" - sparked an angry response from the Scottish public as well as the nation's favourite fizz.

Bru's post racked up more than 6,300 likes and over 1,100 shares.

And plenty of punters backed Capaldi in the war of words.

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One person said: "Oh Noel, you just can't win this one. The Scots own twitter.

"See you at Butlins retro Britpop fest 2020".

Another blasted: "Don’t look back in anger, Noel..."

One commented: "Sturgeon must condemn."

A fourth snapped: "Who? Liam’s brother? He hasn’t been relevant for a while now."