Rock legend Liam Gallagher has revealed he "f***ing adores Scotland" just days after brother Noel labelled it a "third world country".

The younger Gallagher bro, 46, made the comments on social media.

We told earlier how Noel, 52, had become embroiled in a bizarre spat with Scots crooner Lewis Capaldi where he branded the latter "Chewbacca" and urged him to enjoy his "15 minutes of fame".

Helensburgh Advertiser: Lewis Capaldi appears to be enjoying the feudLewis Capaldi appears to be enjoying the feud

He had previously told a radio interview: "Who's this Capaldi fella? Who the f*** is that idiot?"

Capaldi, 22, playfully hit back wearing a parka on stage at Glastonbury before unveiling a T-shirt with Noel's face on it encased in a love heart.

And now Noel's infamous rival Liam has backed the Scot by saying: "I f***ing adore Scotland".

His tweet racked up hundreds of likes and shares.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Noel branded Scotland a 'third world country'Noel branded Scotland a 'third world country'

Plenty of fans loved Liam's stance, saying: "Good man".

Another added: "Likewise mate. As. You. Were."

One said: "That settles that Liam is the superior Gallagher."

A fourth responded: "Hard not to love the big man."

Irn-Bru also 'cancelled' Noel after his comments.