AFTER suggesting to your paper that you invite UKIP, the only party who is not in favour of wind energy in Scotland, to outline the case against wind energy I was disappointed that we did not get any invite.

But I was horrified to read the report in which Patrick Harvie of the Greens told the oft repeated lie that there is no evidence wind farms affect tourism. Of course wind farms affect tourism.

If I had been there I could have told him that even according to Scottish Renewables the lobby group for these public subsidy junkies about a quarter of Scots would be affected in their decision to visit an area by the presence of a wind farm.

However, the one point that everyone is missing is that after 16 years without warming we know we simply do not need any renewables.

That is because the predictions are being revised down and according to the latest scientific research the likely affect of doubling CO2 levels of the next 100 years would be less than 2C of warming which most experts agree will either be beneficial or have negligible effect. In contrast 40 per cent of Scottish households are in fuel poverty. The real cost of this policy is the cost of the fuel bills of the poor, elderly and the others who contribute to the 23,000 additional deaths in the UK each winter, so it does have a real humanitarian impact. That is why we must end this policy right now.

Mike Haseler UKIP Scottish Energy Spokesman