I BELIEVE that the road at the side of the post office is no entry apart from disabled drivers and therefore is no parking unless you have blue badge, yet you frequently see cars parked without a blue badge.

Come on police, this is not a minor parking offence they are breaking the law. You could make enough money in fines to pay for the traffic warden we need.

I have also had a problem here when there was no space and a taxi driver was sat over the exit and I made him move and drove down to Kidston Park and waited 10 minutes then returned to check if there was space unfortunately there was not.

The same taxi driver was parked over the exit, he moved again and this time there was space on the double yellow lines outside the post office (why there was not space the first time was because vehicles were parked on double yellow lines.) I parked and the taxi driver got out of his car and came over and said: "What is it with you? You have made me move twice and you are not allowed down that road."

I pointed to me blue badge and asked is this scotch mist?

He sheepishly returned to his car.

Neil Talbot, Helensburgh Disabled Blue Badge Holder