I HAVE been hearing from various parties about stores along the front complaining at length about the regeneration of our front in Helensburgh having an impact on trade.

Whilst I do have some sympathy for them in the short term, they are sure to reap the long-term benefits.

In the meantime it would serve them well to focus on their customers. I was waiting for eight weeks for an order of framing mounts and eventually went elsewhere due to lack of contact/customer care (found a framer who assisted me within 45 minutes just 20 minutes drive away from Helensburgh). A well as this, I tried to go purchase a gift for a friend's new arrival this afternoon at 4:20pm, and my chosen store was shut - albeit the opening hours clearly state 9-5pm/Saturdays on the store door.

And the shopkeepers wonder why they are suffering - not through lack of trying to support them - but lack of interest in serving their customer base in Helensburgh.

I am sure there are many similar stories out there.

N Kirk, via email