I was extremely disappointed when viewing the pages of Helensburgh URTV online and I discovered a link to a new Visitor Map which was contained in their guide to Helensburgh. On looking at the map I found that Waitrose was clearly marked on the map with its own key reference, however I was even more surprised to find out that according to the map there was no other supermarkets (or any other retailer) mentioned on this map. If I was a visitor to the town, I would obviously get the impression that the only supermarket in Helensburgh was Waitrose.

Having pointed out this major mistake to Visit Helensburgh, and asking the question, when are they going to update the map, I found that my post had mysteriously been removed. It would appear that Visit Helensburgh is more than happy to promote Waitrose exclusively as the only supermarket in Helensburgh and are not willing (when prompted) to correct the error of their ways.

I was under the impression that the remit of Visit Helensburgh was to promote and increase visitors to the town. This cannot be done by promoting one high street retailer over and above all others.

I wonder if Visit Helensburgh should change its name to Visit Waitrose.Helensburgh.com.

D McEvoy, via email Regarding the letter by N. Kirk in the Advertiser of Thursday, August 8, may I say that I could not agree more. I have also experienced very similar problems regarding customer service in local shops.

As N. Kirk, I now also travel to Dumbarton for framing supplies and also other shops where the opening times are adhered to. I agree that the ongoing work along the front must be detrimental to business, but so is poor service.

J. McNally, via email In Response to “ Traders Must Do A Better Job” (August 8), I would like it to be known that Mrs Kirk’s order with a value of £8 was ready for collecting on the May 28 and a text was sent to inform her of this. The fact she has had to go elsewhere can only mean she never received the text. I can only apologise for this and thank her for highlighting a problem with relying on text to communicate with customers. I would like to ask Mrs Kirk to bring the receipt for the work she had done elsewhere and I will reimburse her in full as way of an apology.

We retailers like to think we’re getting it right all the time. I know we’re not. We’re only human after all.

Dawn (Acorn Art ) 43 West Clyde Street Helensburgh The extreme inconvenience caused to passengers by the closure of the Helensburgh Central Station access from the car park is emphasised by the difficulty now in carrying luggage from the car park to and from the platforms.

There is now a diversion of 100 yards over an irregular pavement into the booking hall to which there is no ramp.

If the closure has been made due to nuisance particularly in the evenings, this does not justify closing the access for the greater part of the day. The difficulty for elderly passengers in particular is real, and restoration of this well long available access would improve the goodwill of passengers to the Station management.

Urlan Wannop Lomond Street, Helensburgh I am writing to ask if you are going to cover anything about the other side of the roadworks fiasco that currently is Helensburgh?

I am getting very bored with one-sided stories and pro-council / pro-CHORD stories in the paper.

There are always two sides to every story.

It would be lovely to see both sides being reported on I think! Or at least comments / letters by the other side being printed.

Claire McGonagle, via Facebook The Scottish SPCA is appealing to kind hearted people in Helensburgh to help raise funds for abused, abandoned and injured animals by volunteering.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity is urging locals to get involved this Scottish Animal Week, which runs from September 2-8, by shaking a collection tin in their area.

Last year our centre alone cared for a staggering 1,032 animals and 2013 is proving to be just as challenging.

As an animal welfare charity, we receive no government or lottery funding and rely on the generosity of the public to continue our vital work.

During Scottish Animal Week we have opportunities to fundraise throughout Helensburgh and we’d be very grateful if locals can get behind our appeal and help.

Door-to-door fundraising can be carried out between Monday and Friday, while people can hold street collections on the Saturday.

Even if someone can only spare an hour or two to shake a collection tin, their time and efforts would be hugely appreciated.

It’s something we always say because it’s true, every pound and penny raised really does make a difference and gives animals in desperate need of our help a second chance in life.

Anyone who would like to help fundraise for the Scottish SPCA can contact the fundraising team on 03000 999 999 or emailfundraising@scottishspca.org.

Joe McDade, Manager of the charity’s Dunbartonshire and West Scotland Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Milton