This week's Community Column is written by Norman Muir, convener of Helensburgh Community Council.

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The project to bring a new swimming pool and leisure facility to the town on the pierhead will dominate our lives shortly.

It is imperative that the finished project meets the aspirations of the citizens of Helensburgh. We cannot afford to take an apathetic approach on the grounds that “no one will pay attention to what I say” or “what difference will I be able to make?”.

Everyone in the town should take a positive stand and become involved in the planning process. Individual views are vitally important in framing the eventual outcome of the proposed plan.

The Community Council is participating in the project under the Community Empowerment Act 2015. This will provide a forum of information exchange between the community and the project managers so that the views of the public can be fed into the system and considered on their merits.

It is our duty to represent the views of the community and we take this responsibility very seriously. As the consultation process begins to take shape, start engaging with us to get your point of view registered and considered.

* Posting small posters onto lamp posts and street signs is technically illegal but provided the poster is tied with string or plastic ties and is removed immediately after the event, it can be excused.

But the use of sellotape or sticky tape must cease. It makes a mess on lamp posts and we are examining a clean-up shortly.

The HCC has the stewardship of the two noticeboards in the town whose use is encouraged.

* We were greatly appreciative of the volunteer spirit last year that enabled us to clean the beach and start refurbishing the shrubbery on the square.

We will re-start this programme soon to get the town looking its best for the summer.

We are extremely grateful to the Helensburgh and District Round Table for their very generous donation which will allow us to meet the cost of the entire re-shrubbing of the Square.

* Find out more about HCC at