Another day, so another piece of the “omnishambles” that is Brexit unravels.

I’m certain that by the time this article is published, another wheel will have come off the Brexit wagon and the Tories’ internecine conflict will have been ratcheted up another notch or two.

I’m fairly sure that the Prime Minister will have also have had to rush out another ill-conceived position paper on some aspect of withdrawal, in a vain attempt to keep her hopelessly divided party together. It really is that shambolic.

The latest piece of economic madness that has come from Downing Street, that the UK will “categorically” leave the Customs Union, will be an administrative and bureaucratic nightmare for approximately 100,000 UK companies currently exporting to the EU who don’t – yet – have to concern themselves with, for example, country of origin certification.

The SNP has been telling the UK government for months that leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market is economic insanity and that it will come at a substantial cost. And last week, a leaked UK government memo confirmed that there is no scenario in which the UK will be better off if we continue down this path.

Yet Jeremy Corby’s Labour party are still content to stand watching from the sidelines as this catastrophe unfolds. For reasons known only to him, Corbyn has decided not to join all the other opposition leaders at Westminster in a united campaign to stop this happening.

Once again, Scotland’s interests are being left behind by both an ideologically driven, hard-right group of Tory Brexiteers and a hapless Labour Party, too terrified to lead on this hugely important issue.

Let’s remember Scotland never asked for any of this. We overwhelmingly rejected Brexit in the referendum, yet we are expected just to put up with whatever comes our way, from a government we also overwhelmingly rejected.

Scotland finds itself in an intolerable situation and I question for how much longer it can endure.