CONVENER of Helensburgh Community Council, Norman Muir, responds to the recent acts of vandalism in and around the town and outlines other items on the agenda.


VANDALISM: There have been recent incidents of vandalism and petty crime in the town, more worryingly in the Hermitage Park.

The community council are working with Police Scotland on the issues involved. It is a shame that a tiny percentage of the youth in the town should give the remainder of our youngsters a bad name.

There are two considerations to be drawn from this. One is that youths in groups should self-regulate their behaviour and curb the excesses of their more wayward mates. This will help avoid the real danger of becoming accessories to possible criminal charges that may follow such excesses.

Apart from the social and physical damage to the town, the second consideration should be emphasized to parents. When caught, there is a very real danger that their children may gain a criminal record which will follow them throughout life and may affect their future employment prospects.

RECYCLING AND WASTE: The community council have started a dialogue with Argyll and Bute on this very important subject and are going to concentrate on education and communication in the first instance.

It is a subject of community interest and we would be delighted to hear initial views from the community. Contact us through our website.

A TASTE OF HELENSBURGH: HCC were delighted to organize the second Taste of Helensburgh Food Week in November.

Eighteen restaurants contributed to the marketing costs and supported the event by putting on special offers, menus and live entertainment.

The launch of Food Week was scheduled to coincide with the Round Table Firework Display and volunteers distributed leaflets to everyone who attended the event.

Our thanks to all those who supported Food Week, and we will be listening to feedback from the restaurants and cafes to improve further A Taste of Helensburgh Food Week in 2019.