PAM Gosal MSP (Conservative, West Scotland) writes our latest community column...

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I HOPE all the readers of the Advertiser had a lovely Christmas and I wish everyone in Helensburgh and Lomond a very happy New Year.

While many people will be glad to move on from 2021 and the challenging times we faced last year, it is important to reflect on the positive aspects of the past 12 months – the goals we achieved, the time spent with our family and friends, and the experiences we were privileged to have.

While in the course of the last year we’ve had to deal with the pandemic, restrictions, and some gale force winds (literal and metaphorical) here and there, we have made it through to the other side, and now we have a brand new year, one full of exciting opportunities, awaiting us.

I would like to thank all of the frontline workers who helped keep the country running last year, and continue to do so now. I’d also like to thank everyone for doing their part to help keep everyone else safe.

It has been difficult, but with rules slowly changing, such as isolation times being reduced and limits on attendances at outdoor events being removed from this Monday, the signals are that we are on the road to recovery and, hopefully, to a more normal year ahead.

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Personally, last year was life changing for me when I was elected in May to be one of your MSPs for the West Scotland region. The last seven months as an MSP have allowed me to travel across the region, meeting so many fantastic people and seeing some of the beautiful locations the west of Scotland is so lucky to have. It truly has been an honour to represent such a beautiful and diverse area.

Throughout the year ahead, I hope to meet even more constituents, businesses, charities and groups throughout the west of Scotland. I want to explore the region more, to learn more about and see all the hidden treasures the west of Scotland has, and to work to achieve a better standard of living for everyone in my area.

I am looking forward to continuing to spend every day fighting for positive change in the local area and raising issues that are important to you in the Scottish Parliament. The issues facing the area, like inequality and the educational attainment gap, are very close to my heart and alongside my Scottish Conservative colleagues at Holyrood I will fight to tackle these issues.

As always, if you have any concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact my office. I am always here to help.

You can contact me at