It’s a Sunday favourite for a dauner with the dog. A stroll through the waterside woodland at the rear of Rosneath caravan park. With luck a sun dappled dauner on a fine day, as it was last weekend.

I’d been warned by other fans of this terrain, that further into the territory, in the landscape known as the Green Isle, the trees had been felled, leaving a timber strewn moonscape. But also that the front half of the woodland in question was still as charming as ever.

No more. We arrived to a warning sign on the entry gate about tree felling being in progress. Apparently by Scottish Woodlands Ltd which describes itself on its website as “a leading forestry management company with a long tradition of serving forest owners and investors in Scotland and the rest of the UK”.

Beyond which was what we might charitably describe as a mess. The detritus of a felling operation which might be cleared up by the company. A felling operation which had obliterated all the entry points most of us dog walkers use in order to give our pets freedom.

In fairness, this is not a pristine forest. When the wind blows hard, some of its more elderly residents are prone to falling over. Yet it is one of the few accessible woodland walks available, not just because of its proximity to local housing and caravans, but because it is relatively flat and easy to navigate.

I managed to elicit two mobile numbers from Scottish Woodland in order to enquire why this local lung was being eradicated. One went straight to voicemail. The other belonged to a chap in a meeting! TBC!