Why a country with so much oil and gas requires to buy more from other countries defeats me.

And how it can cost so much to fuel our cars and heat our homes when we have such a wealth of these resources just a few miles offshore is some kind of sick joke.

I have been to Kuwait many times and it mystifies me that Scotland does not have a similar profligate existence.

The way energy prices have risen in Scotland is an obscenity. Here we are, more than 20 years into the 21st century, with poverty like this country has not seen since Victoria. People are having to choose between heating and eating and that cannot be right.

I’m all for wind and wave power, and Scotland has that in abundance, so we should be investing in this, and pronto.

I’m not wholly against nuclear power either, but it is controversial and expensive and takes 20 years for its output to come online. I don’t even want to consider fracking because it is disastrous for the environment.

So in the meantime, let’s cast aside COP 26 – yes I did say that – and get back to the North Sea and get our own oil back on tap.

Or could the simplest way forward be for the government to intervene and get energy prices back to a point where the people who vote can afford to pay their bills?