Our final Councillor Column before the Argyll and Bute Council election is written by Gary Mulvaney, Conservative councillor for Helensburgh Central and the local authority's depute leader.

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It has been a real privilege to serve on the council in these five years as depute leader and as a ward member for Helensburgh Central.

I am looking forward to the election and delivering on the local priorities that matter most. Completing our new swimming pool being one of them.

Heron Bros have continued to make significant progress in the delivery of the construction works – and although there have been delays with utility providers, and that has caused temporary road closures and delays, the site is now connected to the electricity grid and no longer requires generators.

The team are focused on completing the tiling to the main pool, the movable floor installation to the studio pool, decorating the changing rooms, and surfacing the car park and footways.

With permanent power now in place, Heron Bros can proceed with the final finishes, snagging, testing and commissioning as we work towards an opening later in the summer.

The new waterfront pool and leisure centre will have a chunk cut out of its budget by an inadvertent breach in the tendering process, Helensburgh Community Councils vice-chairman said

The new waterfront pool and leisure centre will have a chunk cut out of its budget by an 'inadvertent breach' in the tendering process, Helensburgh Community Council's vice-chairman said

Repairing and regenerating the old wooden pier is something I am very keen to do and have made a commitment to progress this if re-elected next month.

I know Maurice Corry and colleagues on Helensburgh Community Council have been working on this too.

Council consultants and officers have moved forward with designs for berthing, and we are all keen to ensure that pier has a purpose and a variety of long-term uses – all of which will attract money from the UK Levelling-Up Fund.

Having discussed this project with a UK Government minister on a couple of occasions, I am keen to drive it forward beyond May to ensure we have the best submission possible by the July deadline.

Helensburghs pier has been closed to marine traffic since 2018

Helensburgh's pier has been closed to marine traffic since 2018

In this, my final column, can I take the opportunity to thank your readers and residents for all the comments and issues that they have brought to the fore.

As an elected member, I have always tried my best to help, signpost or get things resolved for every individual, group or family. Sometimes I have succeeded, other times not – always hopefully in an atmosphere of mutual respect, humour and on my part, straight-talking and directness.

To colleagues not returning, my thanks and best wishes for whatever they do next. To those campaigning, good luck. And to those no longer with us, what happy memories I have.