IT has certainly been an emotional few weeks with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty once said that “grief is the price we pay for love”, and as time passes us by, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, it becomes obvious that we must come together to love and look after those around us, as grief can sneak into our lives at any time.

It is extremely important as we enter the colder months and deal with a cost of living crisis that we come together to help those who need it the most. I urge you to check on those closest to you and ask if they need anything.

Many elderly and vulnerable adults will struggle more in the winter due to harsher weather conditions. The council’s website has links to all social care partners and their support. Making sure your loved ones have everything they need to live their best life, no matter the circumstance, is very important.

Please also keep an eye on your own mental health as well as those around you. Mental health problems can affect absolutely anyone, at any time. Help is available from the community mental health team in Helensburgh - call 01546 605517 if you need them.

Our community also needs your support. The Helensburgh and Lomond Foodbank is urgently needing food items, and a list of the things at the top of their priority list can be found at their website ( If you or anyone you know finds themselves in crisis without food or money for food then please make sure to drop in to any of the sessions.

The council has gone all out to support a fabulous new legal requirement making period products freely available in Scotland.

Argyll and Bute Council has launched a bespoke initiative to make access to free period products as easy as possible. It is called My Tribe and you can order online or visit multiple locations to pick items up.

The council ran a very well received launch night at the Civic Centre last month to promote the initiative. The aim of My Tribe is to provide inclusivity among those who have periods with a focus on people feeling empowered and enabled.

Lastly, I would encourage you to take advantage of our local area for your mental health. I know we love to moan about the things that need done, like road repairs and so on, but when you look at the beauty surrounding us – the water, the hills, the parks and open spaces, the local shops, the people, we really are very lucky and gratitude is sometimes all it takes to lift your mood.

So feel free to contact me with your concerns and then let me help take care of it while you enjoy everything else around you.