October brings with it many things, not least the energy price hike which has many families pole-axed with terror.

The £2,500 year “cap” on bills is not what it says on the tin being widely sold as hard and fast policy. That is merely an average, which, by definition, means that some people will pay north of that.

What is being capped is the cost of a unit of energy. Use more and you pay more. It suits the political classes to sow confusion around winter bills even if, when you get right down to it, there is more a than whiff of Scrooge about those posing as latter day Lady Bountifuls.

However, what has really got up the noses of the voting lieges, and, for that matter, many erstwhile members of the UK Government, is the thought that the current administration seemed content to save rich electors/pals thousands in taxes or bonuses, whilst refusing to offer comfort to those whose idea of a bonus is getting to the end of the year still in paid employment.

I’m writing this before the latest dear leader delivers her conference speech, but thus far it seems there is no guarantee that people who qualify for benefits will have that meagre safety net protected. And if the poorest in the land wind up subsidising the very well off, you can imagine Robin Hood fair birling in his grave.

This week I was chatting to a food bank volunteer. She told me that amongst the donations they were currently receiving was a kit from an energy supplier containing stuff like a blanket and warm socks.

The year of our Lord 2022, and people are being given socks and a blanket because they’re too scared to put their heating on. The food bank itself is struggling to keep up with ever expanding demand from people who would once never have believed they would have to supplement the family shopping with donated groceries. In my book that’s nothing short of scandalous.

Helensburgh and Lomond Foodbank have various outlets and a list on their Facebook page of what’s most needed. Check it out. Help them out.