There was a chap on what we used to know and love as Twitter this week, who posted his thoughts about the Bibby Stockholm barge, the new floating “home” currently moored in Dorset for 500 folk seeking asylum and being decanted from hotels

He said that he and his mates used to live on it when he worked on the Shetland on shore oil facility at Sullum Voe.

But, he said, they only spent ten hours a day there, to sleep and eat between shifts – and the small rooms were configured for one person rather than the two the UK government have insisted on.

He added that having people share cramped accommodation all day every day was a recipe for disaster.

Add to that the news that if they can’t manage to deport folks to Rwanda, they’ll send them instead to Ascension Island, which is roughly 4,000 miles away from Westminster. Out of sight and out of mind, and all that.

Meanwhile the ever-cuddly Lee Anderson has added his customary robust thoughts on the matter, suggesting that if folks don’t like living on a barge they can ‘eff off’ to France.

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To suggest that Mr Anderson is a plain spoken man somewhat underestimates his capacity for invective. Once a Labour councillor, he was appointed as deputy chairman of the Conservative party earlier this year, five years after swapping team colours.

Presumably the local Tories thought that having a horny handed son of toil in post – he and his dad had both been miners – would help protect the ‘red wall’ seats wrested from Labour in 2019.

Anyway, enough of Lee Anderson (if only!). Apparently immigration is still a hot button issue in some parts of the UK, even though finding a legal route of entry to the UK is only likely if you’re Ukrainian, a seasonal worker on a temporary visa, a denizen of Hong Kong, or quite rich.

As it happens, Mr Sunak’s antecedents, like that of Ms Patel and Ms Braverman, all came to the UK as economic migrants looking for a better life. That too is now deemed a hostile act.