We are continuing to live in extremely challenging economic times across our communities.

One of the best ways in which we can help to get people and businesses through these challenges is by working together and coming up with innovative ideas.

That is why I was pleased to see last week the announcement by First Minister Humza Yousaf that control of the Clyde Mission Project was transferring from the Scottish Government to the Glasgow City Region.

The Clyde Mission project is part of the £1 billion City Region Deal which was one of the earliest growth deals signed by the UK and Scottish Governments, who each have invested up to £500 million each in the deal.

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At its heart are plans to regenerate our communities – right along the Clyde – and create new opportunities for people living here.

The Glasgow City Region Deal and in turn the Clyde Mission sees many councils across the region working together.

While Glasgow – Scotland’s largest city – will be taking the lead – the knock-on effects of more prosperity and growth being delivered there stretches right across to Argyll and Bute.

We must unleash the potential of our communities – particularly those living on our more deprived areas – and that is exactly what the Clyde Mission is designed to do.

While regular readers of this column will know that I do like to engage in political attacks, which only come natural, I do strongly believe that our communities are best served when differences are put aside and key players work together.

That is true when it is the Scottish and UK governments working together or in this case the Scottish Government working together with a major number of local authorities in the West of Scotland.

While it was important to have the lead-in and investment from the Scottish Government, I am pleased we have reached a point where it will be our local authorities driving forward the projects.

Our local authorities are best placed to know what is best for our local areas.

I am keen to ensure that communities in Argyll and Bute and in particular Helensburgh and Lomond with their links and connections to the wider area benefit from this project, both as a local councillor and the area’s Provost.

We must be as bold and ambitious as possible, as people continue to struggle with the effects of the global cost-of-living crisis.

That is why I am excited about the Clyde Mission Project and look forward to seeing the benefits it brings to our communities.