The best interview about the reshuffle and all that came when one of the TV political anoraks was busy swapping notes with an equally obsessional colleague.

You know what, her colleague said, folk like us are absolutely riveted to learn who’s got the chop and who else is going where.

But, he added, outside of our wee bubble I’m not sure anyone really cares.

And I suspect he’s dead right. Folks like me who tune into every and any news channel to ensure we don’t miss a jot or a tittle of any pronouncement from 10 Downing Street are probably in a smallish minority.

Of course it’s intriguing that a Prime Minister gives a top job to one of his predecessors and wraps it in ermine forbye. Which, among other things, means the show being run by a chap educated at Winchester and one at Eton.

Is that better than a brace of old Etonians? Or does it mean your folks can find just shy of fifty grand down the back of their sofa? (Never, ever a settee!)

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Yet however and where Sunak’s cabinet were educated, the one thing they have in common is pretty vast personal wealth. While it self evidently frees them from want and poverty, it also makes it difficult for them to relate to anyone in less favourable financial circumstances. Most of the population, in fact.

One of the announcements which arrived well under the radar this reshuffled week was the suggestion that the cabinet might manage to find £10 billion from cuts to the welfare and benefits budget. Specifically to make it more difficult to plead that illness and infirmity prevents you working.

Now I have no doubt that there are a small minority of recipients who are swinging a fair bit of lead when it comes to reporting their ailments.

Yet the idea that we should insist that the halt and the lame and those with myriad mental health problems should be denied the most basic support, unless they take whatever work is on offer, is plain mean spirited.

Not least at a time when so many families are going hungry, and for whom occasional luxuries are the stuff of dreams.