I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family over the festive season.

Abd as I know so many of you do already, please keep an eye out for those who are struggling emotionally or financially at this time of year. 

For far too many people here in Argyll and Bute, 2023 has been another extremely tough year. Soaring food prices, rising mortgages and energy bills have hit everyone hard in the last couple of years and as much as I would love to say that it will be better in 2024, unfortunately I’m not convinced it will. 

For working families, vulnerable people and those struggling to make ends meet, there is no respite in sight from this crippling cost-of-living crisis, and many people will be pushed further into debt.

If you, or a family member, neighbour or friend need help with mortgage payments, putting food on the table or debt advice, there are some wonderful organisations in Argyll and Bute who are equipped to assist.

If you do not know who to turn to, you can call my office on 01436 670587 or email brendan.ohara.mp@parliament.uk and we will point you in the right direction.