(Editor's Note: This article was written and scheduled for online publication before the Princess of Wales' announcement on Friday of her cancer treatment.)

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Being of a republican persuasion I try not to get distracted by the reams of Royal coverage masquerading as news.

Yet sometimes the urge to stick an oar in becomes well nigh irresistible.

I’m not referring to a doctored family snap, the location of a mini princess’ cardigan sleave being of small consequence in a world scarred by war, famine and pestilence.

Yet I do admit to a degree of bafflement as to why one young woman is regularly portrayed as sugar and spice and all things nice, whilst her American sister-in-law is apparently the embodiment of nastiness.

Every week the same media go after Meghan for the most trivial of alleged offences, whilst Kate is lauded for the same behaviour.

I give you two pieces of evidence in support of this black and white sisterhood. One was when Meghan was expecting her first child, conceived when she was in her mid to late thirties. It qualifies you, in gynie-speak, as a “geriatric” mum.

Anyway, when she had her hand on her growing bump, some of the tabloids took issue with her alleged need to emphasise her impending motherhood.

Compare and contrast the same pic of Kate, said to be tenderly cradling HER tum.

Then there was the case of the avocados. Eaten or served by Meghan, they apparently endangered important plant species. Munched by Kate, they were just evidence of her careful diet.

You couldn’t make it up, so I haven’t.

It doesn’t rest there, of course. One American writer has just accused her fellow Yankee of being just as manipulative as the former Duchess of Windsor. She hasn’t, of course, met either of them, but hey, don’t let that spoil your chance to make a few “literary” quid from the theory.

It seems that for some commentators, Meghan’s place is forever in the wrong, whilst the saintly Catherine is a shining example of caring motherhood. Enough already.

There once was a Danny Kay song lyric which said: “The chalice from the Palace has the brew that is true.”

Havers. The palace brew contains precisely what they’d like the great unwashed to imbibe.