The ladies played their Jackie Montgomery Memorial Drawn Pairs competition, sponsored by Sadie Montgomery and family, in memory of her late husband Jack.

The games were played in one section with each game played over five ends.

Each team played each other on a round robin basis with the top of the league winning the competition.

After the final games one pair, Patricia McCallan (skip) and Mary Robertson, had completed all there games without defeat, finishing on eight points to win the trophy for 2013.

The runners up, who finished with four points and a better shot difference were Jenifer Jones and Claire MacIndoe (skip) The gents played their X-Bowl pairs for the Alasdair Glendye Trophy. This competition is different in that the lead and skip of the pairs play two bowls each in rotation during the games.

The games were played in one section with games over six ends. One pair, Tony Bird and Robin Cavana (skip), started very well, winning their first two games and they maintained the momentum to go on and win all of their games, finishing on 10 points to secure the trophy for 2013.