THE closing of Helensburgh Bowling Club's green took place on Saturday, October 1 with the prize winners from the year awarded at the closing night.

A fun game took place with targets set out on each rink with the players scoring points dependant on where they landed on the targets on each rink with added bonus points for those in fancy dress.

The winners of the game on the night were Marion McClenaghan, Ed Claisse and Hugh Murray.

The presentation of the closing night trophies and prizes then took place with the President Eric Wallace and Lady Captain Patricia McCallan presenting.

The full list of prize winners were:

Junior under 16 champion. Winner: Murray Grant. Runner Up: Brandon Mackie Fleming

Aitchison Cup. Winners: Rosemary Robertson, Susan Claisse and Claire Dennett Skip. Runners Up: Rona Jay, Jean Irwin and Annette Garrick Skip.

Jackie Montgomery Trophy. The Sponsor Mrs Eileen Hendrie, daughter of Sadie & Jack presented the Sadie Jackie Montgomery Memorial trophy and prizes to the Runners Up Mrs Joy Farrow and Margaret Hogg and the winners Mrs Rona jay and Mrs Wilma Hannah

D&J Bell Trophy: Winners John Martin, Mrs Jill Dacombe and Allan Howie Skip Runners Up: Mrs Irene Wallace, Mrs Elizabeth Fraser and Bobby White Skip

Alisdair Lewis Glendye Trophy: Winners: Eric Wallace and Bobby White Skip. Runners Up: Edouard Claisse and Luke Healy Skip .

Christine & Don Lilley Shield: Winners Mrs Margaret and Edouard Claisse Skip. Runners Up: Mrs Margaret Hogg and Paddy Nichol

Jardine Trophy: Winners: Mrs Patricia McCallan and Allan Howie Skip. Runners Up: Mrs Marion McClenaghan and Alan Air Skip.

Kennon Trophy: Winners: Mrs Patricia McCallan and Gordon Stephen MBE Skip. Runners Up: Mrs Marion McClenaghan and Alan Air Skip.

Reid MacIntyre Trophy - Winners: Mrs Joan Wilson, Mrs Marion McClenaghan and Alan Air Skip. Runners Up: David Wilson, Mrs Susan Claisse and Iain Macleod Skip.

In closing the President Eric Wallace congratulated all the Prize Winners and thanked the Social committee for organising the event and the members for attending

The Pictures Shows the Prize Winners with the Trophies on the night