HELENSBURGH Rugby Club captain Jonny Drake says he'd love to stay on in the role - if given the chance by the club's new coach.

The Grizzlies will play in BT West Division 2 in 2017-18 after being relegated from the league this season, picking up one win in the course of the whole campaign.

And after head coach Adam Hart announced he would step down from his role, uncertainty remains around the captain's role until a new appointment is made.

Several ex-players have expressed interest in the position, with Drake hoping it's sorted sooner rather than later.

He said: "If I was offered the opportunity I would. There’s no better honour than representing your club and family and friends.

"We’re all kind of a family here - we know each other, and it’s a great honour, and there’s no way I’d say no to it if I got the opportunity again.

"There’s a couple of names that are getting bandied about, but hopefully it gets dealt with soon so it we can start planning for pre-season.

"It’s always best to have someone who knows the club inside out already, so they know what they’re going to deal with and push things on.

"A couple of ex-players are interested - or people who know the club well anyway. It’ll be a benefit as they’ll already know what goes on here. They’ll know the players and how the club works.

"We’re an amateur club. We have to look after ourselves and hopefully they can get the players more committed as well and do all the small little jobs that probably don’t really get thought about each week."

But whoever does come in will have a task on their hands.

The captain said fitness was an issue for the team, and after results dropped players became less confident in themselves.

He added: "I don’t think last season we were as fit as we should have been so it’s been a key thing for this season and if a new coach does come in we can discuss these things and what to try and get in.

"We know what sort of talent we’ve got in the team but it’s just trying to get the team to gel together and the consistency was the problem.

"And after you lose a few games more it does kind of get hard, you don’t try things you would normally try in games or feel like you’re on the top of your game.

"You hold back a bit, which is a problem, to be honest. You don’t feel you could play as well as you could.

"People trying too hard as well was another issue, but everyone has developed this year and got better and better so we’ll take that into division two."

And something that Drake and several others have been key to work on their fitness already, ready for next season.

The captain said: "The club are looking to buy a lot more equipment and improve the facilities for gym work and pre-season, and get everyone to a good fitness standard.

"I don’t think last season we were as fit as we should have been, so it’s been a key thing for this season, and if a new coach does come in we can discuss these things and what to try and get in.

"Our old tractor shed has been moved out and hopefully we can expand on that and turn it into a good gym facility so that any of the boys can come and use it when they want. It will only benefit people and it gets people together outside of training hours and Saturdays."