David Calderwood has been named as Helensburgh Rugby Club’s new head coach for the 2017-18 season.

The announcement was made on Tuesday night, following previous boss Adam Hart’s decision to step down three weeks ago.

And Helensburgh’s president Mike Linzee-Gordon said was delighted with the appointment.

He said: “Collie has done a couple of training sessions with us earlier in the year, which were really good, and I think it dawned on him that it was something that he really fancied.

“He emailed me and said it was a position he’d be really interested in. He enjoyed it earlier in the year and wanted to take it from there.

“David’s been doing refereeing stuff but I think this brings up a slightly different challenge for him.”

Calderwood has been involved with the Grizzlies since he was seven, and it was his knowledge of the club, as well as his mindset, that proved key to his appointment.

Linzee-Gordon added: “He doesn’t take any nonsense. Everyone knows him and respects him a lot, and some of his sessions have been geared more towards fitness, which is something we maybe didn’t do enough of.

“He’s played at this level for 20-odd years. He knows what’s needed to be successful and as soon as he threw his hat in the ring it was pretty straightforward.

“He drives everybody, he knows what he wants and he makes sure people do it. In the sessions we had with him, he pushed us hard, which was good. I think it’s the attitude he brings.”

Calderwood will to be assisted by Bill MacDonald and Gregor Boyd, who also thought about taking up the role.

And while the club is not setting the new man any immediate targets, the chairman made it no secret that he hoped the club would bounce straight back after being relegated this year.

He said: “It’s probably a bit early at the moment [to set him targets], but obviously we would like to go straight back up, and if we play at the level we can do we should be able to do that.

“We were speaking to a couple of other guys - we spoke to Bill and Gregor Boyd about it - but I think Gregor is still debating about whether he wants to play.

“He wants to learn a bit more about coaching.”