HELENSBURGH sailor Charlotte Dobson won silver alongside Saskia Tidey in the 49er FX finale at the Sailing World Cup Final in Santander on Saturday.

The duo contributed to an eight-medal haul for the British contingent in the North coast of Spain.

Dobson and Tidey held on tightly to the silver spot going in to the 49er FX finale to secure their second medal as a pairing.

The duo, who won their maiden medal at the Sailing World Cup Hyeres, were thrilled.

Dobson said: “It’s been an absolutely great week of sailing for us, it’s a process regatta, we’re to work our starting and those goals have been really good with really big improvements there.

“It’s lovely, despite it being a process regatta, to come away with a silver medal having sailed really well with plenty of headroom still to go so we’re really, really happy.”

Tidey added: “I’ve enjoyed working through problems together and through the good times as well, and figuring out what sort of campaign we want to put together going forward. We’ll keep working on our process goals and looking forward to the next regatta to improve again.”

Another Burgh sailor, Lorenzo Chiavarini, was also competing in the event and registered some impressive times in a strong field.

Despite finishing the competition well by going quickly in his final few races in the Laser category he finished in eighth place.

Jean Baptiste Bernaz of France won gold followed by German Philipp Buhl and American Charlie Buckingham. Fellow Brit Nick Thompson finished in fifth place.