Helensburgh Rugby Club's head coach David Calderwood is hoping a visit from West Region referees to training this week will help give his side an edge for the upcoming season.

The sport's governing body, World Rugby, has announced six new law changes that will have a significant impact on how players can act at scrum and ruck time at all levels of the sport.

Three of the trialled laws relate to the scrum in a bid to make it a fairer contest, including allowing all members of the front row to attempt to strike for the ball after it has been put into the scrum.

Added to that, the number eight at the back of the scrum may pick up the ball at the feet of the locks, rather than the current rule that says he must wait for it to make its way to between his legs.

And although the scrum-half must put the ball in straight into the scrum, they may now stand with their shoulder aligned to the middle of the scrum, allowing them to be further to their side of the set-piece.

But the biggest changes are relating to the ruck.

The first of these states the ruck is formed when at least one player is on their feet and over the ball on the ground, creating the offside line.

Players on their feet will now be able to pick up the ball on the floor as long as no opposition player has joined the ruck.

If the ruck has resulted from a tackle, the tackler must get to his feet before he can play the ball, and must do so from his side of the contest, through the gate and not from the side as they could previously.

Players may also no longer kick the ball out of a ruck, but can hook it back towards their own side.

And Calderwood is hoping the visit of the referees will help his side adjust to the new changes made to the sport.

He said: "They've [the referees] asked to come down and train with us at Helensburgh and they’ll go to other clubs in the West region as well.

"They'll train at Helensburgh and then they’ll go through the breakdown after and explain exactly what it is they’re looking for at the breakdown, what we can and can’t get away with,.

"It gives the referees a bit of practice refereeing the new laws and it gets our players used the new laws.

"It could be quite good, as there’s lots of guys who don’t know exactly what the new law is and could get penalised so hopefully this will help with our penalty count this season."

Meanwhile, the Grizzlies were runners up at the Oban 10s tournament last weekend, losing in the final to the hosts 28-5.

Inverness Craig Dunain RFC won the shield final against the Oban BaBa's.

Lochaber took home the bowl after defeating Mull RFC, with Cowal Rugby Club winning the 'bucket' final against Queensferry.