Helensburgh Rugby Club's minis took on Garnock last weekend, with the young Grizzlies coming out on top.

The team supported the ball carrier well and showed great attacking rugby, which is promising for the season ahead.

And despite being a fairly new team they played well in all their matches with everyone making a large number of tackles in defence.

The P5s made the trek down to Ayrshire to face Garnock, with Carrick also making the journey down.

With the home side and Carrick short on numbers, some of the Burgh P5s volunteered to make up the numbers.

In the first fixture against Garnock, it was clear Burgh’s opponents were physically much larger, and despite losing that game in appalling weather conditions, the boys and girls regrouped, and bounced back with a convincing win against Carrick.

The P5s were much improved in their second game against Garnock, and with better tackling and more defensive pressure they forced Garnock into errors, and Burgh came away with victory.

The P4s also travelled down to Ayrshire to face Garnock. It was their first contact game, and were edged out by their opponents.

The youngsters are back in action this weekend when they face Loch Lomond.

Helensburgh RFC’s development officer Adam Hart said: “Thank you to all the mums and dads who braved the conditions to cheer the kids.”

The first fixture against Garnock was a “shock and awe” onslaught by a physically larger Garnock squad which had Burgh on the back foot, but despite the loss in appalling conditions the boys and girls regrouped and bounced back with a convincing win over Carrick.

The scene was set for the second game against Garnock and the lessons learned that even “big players need legs to run” ensured that the tackling was more effective and the defensive pressure put on Garnock had the errors appearing which Burgh made the most of.

Some excellent displays of tackling, and some good running rugby ensured that this second encounter went Burgh’s way.