HELENSBURGH Rugby Club ended a 17-month home hoodoo on Saturday after a last-minute penalty gave the Grizzlies a 30-27 victory over Cambuslang.

Jonny Drake kicked the crucial late three points to give the home side their first win at Ardencaple since April 2016.

The game was heading towards a similar finish to the Burgh's previous home tie against Stewartry, where the hosts had led before eventually losing 30-21.

And coach David Calderwood was understandably relieved not to have seen the same chain of events unfold on Saturday.

He said: “If that happened again I don’t know where I could have gone to lift my confidence, but it’s good. You can see the confidence starting to grow again.

“Even the way they played against Stewartry they know they’ve got performances in them, and they showed that on Saturday with the way we took our tries, it was really pleasing.

“Especially in that mental capacity as well, to stay in the fight and keep believing in themselves to get the win.”

The Grizzlies now have a week’s break before they face Irvine in the league on October 6.

But the free Saturday has come at an ideal time for the club, allowing them to continue to build up the fitness levels of players returning from injury.

Calderwood added: “We need to work on our fitness with some of them.

“If the guys come to training we can work with them.

“A couple of guys have come back from long term injuries, and they’re not quite there with their fitness levels yet.

“Mikey Kinsman, for example, was out the whole of last year with a knee injury and he’s back playing this year.

“He’s a good player, he brings a bit of bulk to the side and we’re glad he’s back, but we need to work on his fitness a wee bit.

“We’ve got a couple of weeks to work on that.

"We’ve got good rugby players. I want them to be able to use their skills, not 20 yards behind play wondering if they could have made that tackle or made that break. “

With only four games played so far in the league, it can always be dangerous to look too much into how teams will do come the end of the season.

Irvine, who will travel to Ardencaple in just over a week’s time, are currently winless, shipping 56 points to Carrick last week, but having tight games between Annan and Cambuslang in previous weeks.

It’s an opportunity for Calderwood’s side to gain some momentum, and he labelled the game as a possible turning point for the Grizzlies.

He said: “We really want to target that one, because if we can back up the win we’ve just had with another win it will give the guys a good boost, and really believe in what we’re doing and keep going."