Loch Lomond Hockey Club players were on international duty over the summer.

Four members were in action in various tournaments across Europe.

Vanesa Sabala played in both the over-40s Home Nations and the European Tournament.

Rosie McColgan played in the over 45s Home Nations tournament.

Anne McGregor played in the over 55s Home Nations and European Tournament and Scotland beat the Netherlands to win the bronze medal.

Jane Neil and Anne McGregor played in the over 60s Grand Masters European Tourney and again won the bronze medal.

The Home Nations were played in Dublin in June; the International Masters Hockey European Cup was in Tilburg in August; and the Grand Masters European Cup and Trophy was held in Glasgow during late August.

Scotland's women’s adult team were also in Amsterdam in August for the European Cup.

A Loch Lomond Hockey Club spokesperson said: “Congratulations to all on their success.

“Loch Lomond also had two ex-players, Amy Gibson and Fiona Burnet in the Scotland women’s adult team. It’s a great success for the club.”