Jamie Johnston of Lomond School cemented his place as one of Britain's most promising cyclocross riders with victory in the Scottish Championships round last weekend.

Wintry conditions dominated at Knockburn Loch, Aberdeenshire, promising a snow-laden course with the cold numbing racers' fingers, making an already challenging race even harder.

Cyclocross to cycling is cross-country running to athletics; a winter pastime comprising lots of mud, slippery banks, frozen toes and burning lungs.

Riders have to make their way around a short off-road course several kilometres long and race for roughly an hour – a discipline that is favoured by Jamie due to his mountain-biking background and preference for training in the hills and forests of Helensburgh, rather than the busy and often treacherous roads surrounding his home in Rhu.

The addition of an energy-sapping sand-pit and nearly waist-high hurdles to this year’s course made for some epic racing, and Jamie’s race was no exception.

Leading from the gun in his trademark style, Jamie powered around the loch and its obstacles to form a commanding lead, likely unassailable by his opponents.

However, on the final lap, disaster struck when Jamie snagged his tyre somewhere on the course, causing a puncture. The cool-headed Jamie (not least due to the Arctic winds), remaining calm and collected, had no option but to complete the race with a flat tyre.

This meant no grip on the muddy off-cambers and twisty descents, allowing his team mate Rory McGuire of Team Leslie Bikes to join Jamie at the head of the race.

Not one to go down without a fight, however, Jamie battled on to out-sprint Rory by a few centimetres, taking victory in nail-biting style.

Jamie said: “I really thought he was going to have me in the finish because I could hardly stay on the bike, but I knew that I had the better sprint so I just gave it everything I had."

Jamie went on to thank his sponsors, namely Leslie Bike Shop of Glenrothes and Specialised Bicycles, for allowing him to compete at the highest level.

Jamie’s win puts him in good stead for his next race, the British National Championships in Sunderland in January, where he will attempt to emulate his performance and win the coveted blue and red striped jersey, identifying him as Britain’s best.