LUSS super-welterweight boxer Hannah Rankin secured a rapid 59-second stoppage against Klaudia Vigh in Glasgow last Friday.

The former pupil of Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh had her opponent rocked in the early stages of the MTK Scotland show, landing a big right hand hook within the first 10 seconds of the fight.

Her Hungarian opponent was rocked, and after continuing the onslaught the referee called the fight with not even a minute on the clock.

But Rankin, who now has four wins to her name, admitted she was nervous before the fight – her first bout in Scotland since turning professional last year.

The 27-year-old, nicknamed ‘the Classical Warrior’ as a result of her day job as a professional musician, told the Advertiser: “It was the first time a lot of my family and friends who have not seen me box before, and that made me quite nervous. They all know me as a musician so it was a new experience for them.

“The last thing my coach and cornerman said to me was, ‘Take your time, you’ve got eight rounds, you’ve got time to work on things’, and I came back just after a minute and they were like ‘Well, there we go then!’.

“My family and friends all loved it and they’re all looking forward to seeing me again.

“It was definitely the most nervous I’ve been, but I’m really proud to have finally boxed at home.

“It was really exciting. Hopefully the next time I box at home I’ll be a bit more calm.”

Inverness heavyweight Gary Cornish was also on the bill before Rankin, with the Highlander also finishing his fight in the first round.

She added: “It was a really strange feeling finishing so quickly. Both myself and Gary Cornish were doing pads in the backroom at the end as we were both so full of adrenaline trying to get rid of it.”

It was Rankin’s first stoppage since turning a pro, and she’ll soon be back in action, on MTK Scotland’s next show in Paisley on Saturday, April 7 in Paisley.

There was little rest for Rankin, nicknamed the Classical Warrior, with such a short fight.

She said: “I’m starting camp again and I don’t feel like I overly exerted myself in the fight so I’ve just taken a short time off this time.

“I was straight back to teaching and everything in London on Monday."

Hannah thanked her sponsors Science in Sport, Secret Slots, AMMO wear, iGOTDOMS and JFB Sports for their continued support.