HELENSBURGH’S Euan Kick earned himself a bronze medal at the Delancey British Alpine Skiing Championships in Tignes on Sunday.

The 21-year-old finished third overall in the junior races with 190 points over the week having performed solidly in each of the disciplines.

The Championships run from 25th April to 6th March and provide the opportunity for racers to compete with the best at the biggest British alpine skiing event of the year.

Not only does the event showcase the best the nation has to offer, Olympians Dave Ryding, Laurie Taylor, Alex Tilley and Charlie Guest, but the most promising young talent from the Delancey U21 and U18 squads took to the piste.

“It’s good to be consistent and compete with these guys over the full field,” said Kick, who also finished third in the junior downhill race earlier in the week.

“I was good in the speed so it was great to pull it together in the technical events.

“I started skiing when I was one-and-a-half, then I started racing when I was maybe six or seven and I’ve enjoyed it, did some hard work and I’ve had some great results over the years, it’s great to add to that.”

“It’s massive to represent Britain. Everyone always forgets what it takes to get here. All these guys out here that are winning and finishing on the podium are out here all season training and working hard.

“It’s not just the glamour stuff you see when the sun’s out and the snow is perfect, it takes a lot of graft in the gym in the summer, hard work down in New Zealand in summer and then hard work throughout the winter.

“So it’s amazing when you start reaping the rewards from it.”

Racing with the army, Kick said he is extremely grateful for the support he has had over the last few years and is now aiming high in the sport, setting his sights on the next Winter Olympics in 2022.

“A couple of years ago I was here and talked to a couple of people and they told me about a TAS funding scheme, a Talented Athlete Support scheme through the army.

“With that the support they’ve given is massive, they’ve sought outside funding through Optima who have given massive support for us, there’s so many people behind us so a huge thanks to those guys.

“I’d quite like to make qualification for the next Olympics in Beijing so that’s what we’re going to push for and that’s what the army has set out funding for so I’m looking forward to that, I enjoy the process and enjoy the grind and see what the future holds.”

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