HELENSBURGH FC’s 2003s have started their preparations for the new season by showing the same great form with which they ended 2017-18.

On Wednesday they faced a Paisley first division side in Stamperland, and though most wrote off the Burgh’s chances before the game began, key saves by Callum Burton at one end and two Tom Powell goals at the other put the team in control.

Stamperland pulled it back to 2-1 at half-time, and though Helensburgh introduced five substitutes at half time, they kept up a fine defensive performance before Dylan Haughie set up Elliot Impey for a third.

Stamperland made it 3-2 with 10 minutes left before they were reduced to 10 men, with more great goalkeeping securing the win.

The 03s then took two teams to a tournament in Edinburgh, and both sides won all three of their group matches, against Dalkeith, Bridgetown and Kilmarnock.

The two teams would have qualified for the final, but decided to share the victory as a united squad, showing how great the team ethos is and how close-knit is the squad.

Helensburgh now face Kilwinning Rangers away on Wednesday evening and Ashfield at home on Saturday.