KIRSTY CORDNER scored three times as Loch Lomond’s first team kept up their recent good form with a 4-0 win over Argyle in Saltcoats on Saturday – in a game that proved as stormy on the pitch as the weather was off it.

Putting the elements aside, Loch Lomond went out ready for a physical match and to take on tough physical opposition.

From the start Loch Lomond played for each other and with intent, going for the ball in each area of the pitch.

Defence were determined to keep high from the start, and for the first quarter of the game Loch Lomond kept the ball in their opponents’ half with Vanesa Sabala once again leading from the front.

Rebecca Holland and Hannah White showed some brilliant individual skills to travel with the ball and created some great chances linking nicely with Kim McCallion and Gillian Finch who were making great moves into space up front.

The first of the goals came from a brilliant ball from midfield to striker Kirsty Cordner at the top of the circle who, with a lovely flick to pass a defender, gave herself space to run in and open the scoring.

But Argyle came back after losing the opening goal, keeping Loch Lomond’s defence on their toes.

Heather Smith controlled play in the defensive circle when required, with one particularly impressive stop from a top D strike from a penalty corner.

Loch Lomond soon re-grouped and moved the ball quickly from defence to midfield resulting in the second goal courtesy of Gillian Finch who was in the perfect position to pick up a great ball from centre midfielder Vanesa Sabala.

Loch Lomond lifted the intensity in the second half and ‘playing in triangles’ showed the team at its best.

Despite stages of playing with 10 players, due to green cards for a few harsh decisions, Loch Lomond worked hard to keep their shape, and were able to extend their lead thanks to two more Cordner goals after being awarded a pair of penalty flicks.

Loch Lomond voted Kirsty Cordner their player of the match, and Tara Jackson runner up. The opposition’s player of the match accolade was awarded to Heather Smith.

Thanks to Richard Schooling for kindly travelling to Saltcoats to umpire, and to Dave Finch whose advice and support was, as always, hugely appreciated.

Team: Heather Smith, Lauren McCreadie, Zoe Canty, Caroline Lyall, Sue Aikman, Evie Harkins, Vanesa Sabala, Tara Jackson, Hannah White, Rebecca Holland, Kirsty Cordner, Kim McCallion, Gillian Finch.