TIRED legs proved to be the undoing of Loch Lomond Hockey Club's first team after they lost their second match of the weekend 3-1 against Stepps.

A frustrating first half against a tough and physical Stepps team saw Loch Lomond chase the ball around the pitch but unfortunately the normal slick passes were not there.

The defence, as always, was very solid, but could not connect with the midfield, and the midfielders, in turn, could not connect with the forwards, except for one or two occasions.

Stepps got a well-deserved goal from a well worked short corner routine to go in to their half-time huddle 1-0 in front.

After a strong half-time talk by captain Vanesa Sabala, who was trying to shake up the troops, the second half started with more positive play, and 50-50 balls started to go Loch Lomond’s way and passes started to reach players.

The opposition was startled by the Loch Lomond forwards, and in return their tackling became aggressive – so much so that young Molly Macken got taken out by one of the Stepps defenders, though thankfully, a trip to A&E revealed nothing broken.

Unfortunately, the home side lost concentration for a spell after that incident and, against the run of play, conceded a short corner that once again was well worked, and in spite of an amazing first save by keeper Heather Smith, Stepps managed to score.

Loch Lomond had now no option but to play high up the pitch, and though they had possession and were pressing hard they couldn’t convert any pressure into goals.

Again, on another Stepps counter-attack, another short corner was converted to make it 3-0.

This did not stop Loch Lomond playing high to try and get at least some reward for a very much improved second half, and their efforts were rewarded by a lovely team goal that saw the ball swing from defence to midfield and then to the forwards with Kirsty Cordner putting in the last touch.

Player of the match was awarded to Sue Aikman, runner up was Evie Harkins and opposition player of the match was awarded to Kirsty Cordner.

Thanks to umpire Andy Richardson.

Team: Heather Smith, Sue Aikman, Anna Currie, Lauren McCreadie, Zoe Canty, Hannah Leach, Evie Harkins, Phillipa Filmer, Vanesa Sabala (capt), Naomi Erica, Molly Macken, Gillian Finch, Alexandra Smith, Kim McCallion, Kirsty Cordner.