LOCH LOMOND Hockey Club’s first team bounced back from the disappointment of recent defeats with a fine 3-0 win away to Garnock in Stewarton on Saturday.

On a brand new pitch, the game began fairly equally as the two sides sought to find their feet, and Emma O’Neill in goals made a remarkable save early on to keep the score even.

Vanesa Sabala and Eliza Ritchie worked well together in midfield to carry the ball up the left, giving the forwards opportunities on goal; however, good saves by the Garnock keeper prevented any chances from being converted.

Garnock made several promising attacking plays but the Loch Lomond defence did well to remain high and quickly cleared before danger threatened.

But the visitors were growing in confidence, and Garnock’s keeper had to make several saves as Loch Lomond piled on the pressure.

One such stop took a Loch Lomond striker out of the game, but the ‘rolling subs’ rule meant the visitors could make an immediate replacement.

Philippa Filmer made several fine runs up the right wing and continued battling through the defence until she scored Loch Lomond’s first goal of the game from a very tight angle to give the visitors a 1-0 lead at the break.

And Loch Lomond started the second half at a greater intensity, with the forwards remaining high, giving the midfield space to carry the ball up the wing.

Garnock made several attempts to even the score, but struggled to make it through the visitors’ defence; Zuby Kofi remained solid on the left and prevented any attacking plays progressing up the wing as well as mounting some great attacking runs.

Defender Lauren McCreadie played in a perfect long-distance pass to Gillian Finch, who was positioned high in the D, and she expertly deflected the ball past the keeper to make it 2-0.

Loch Lomond kept up the pace, and testimony to their positive approach is the fact that their defence and goalkeeper had little to do late on.

Loch Lomond were rewarded with a third goal, scored again by Filmer, making it a very successful day

Player of the match was awarded to Philippa Filmer, with Lauren McCreadie runner up.

Many thanks to Andy Richardson for umpiring.

Loch Lomond goal keeper smock is sponsored by Millions, the tiny, tasty, chewy sweet.

Squad- Emma O’Neill, Lauren McCreadie, Caroline Lyall, Sue Aikman, Zuby Kofi, Philippa Filmer, Vanesa Sabala (capt), Eliza Ritchie, Jenny Tripney, Gillian Finch, Kim McCallion, Eve Howard, Megan Glover and Kirsty Richardson.